Why Your Website Needs a Blog

Why Your Website Needs a Blog

One of the most essential elements in today’s highly-competitive industries is a company’s digital visibility or “searchability”. The internet has opened many doors for countless individuals who are trying their luck in starting their entrepreneurial  endeavours, and this means more and more websites and social media pages have sprouted. It’s important, hence, to carve your brand’s space in the internet through credible, relevant and useful content.


Why content? Well, you always have the choice to pay for ads in search engines. But the cheapest (or absolutely free) way to drive visitors to your website is when you regularly update it with content and topics that make use of the right keywords. 


  1. Drive visitors to your page


Firstly, create a space in your website that very much resembles that of a blog. You don’t have to call it a blog but it’s basically an area where you can talk about your products or services. But the content you will regularly upload here can also be thematic. It doesn’t always need to be a hard-sell. This way, you are able to attract people into your website if they are searching for related topics, products or even, brands. Remember, people research well before they make purchases, thus, it’s best to have your fair share of the curious.


  1. Traffic, leads and functionalities


As people research on their passions, preferences and needs, you want to continuously provide reasons for them to choose you. Likewise, traffic that content brings needs to be converted into leads. Your website and blog must feature functionalities that can predict customer habits in order to entice visitors to actually press “order” or “check-out”. 


This symbiotic relationship between user experience – customer journey – content creation and consumption suggests the human side of the digital sphere. People want to read information about you before they make a purchase. Regularly updating them with relevant content in your website’s blog gives an impression of credibility.


  1. Loyalty and community


Finally, in relation to the above-mentioned reason why your website needs a blog, it’s precisely because you want to create a long-term relationship with your customers that you provide a space to inspire and inform. It’s one thing to have your products or services displayed in the website; it’s another thing to give them a space where they feel they can relate on a personal level.


A blog or news section in your website helps foster a sense of community if you are able to provide crowdsourced materials for them to read. From media reports, influencer testimonials or time-honoured customer feedback, this section of your website packs a great deal of potential for visitors and customers to feel truly comfortable with patronizing your business or products.


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