Why SEO is Important

Why SEO is Important

Why SEO is Important

In today’s digital marketing landscape, SEO is an integral part of any strategy. Here’s why.


The progressive and ever-changing approaches to digital marketing push most companies to constantly explore ways for their strategies to be updated and aligned. However, some organizations fail to take time to understand the fundamentals about these trends that they end up wasting precious resources without getting the results they are targeting. Worse, some companies have compromised their own brand promises or values for the sake of getting on board.


One of the bywords today in the industry is “SEO”, which means search engine optimisation. Allow us to give you a good picture of what SEO truly means, and why it needs to be an essential element in your online strategy. 


What SEO means


Firstly, search engine optimisation is a process of several activities that enable higher visibility for your website and at the same time, increasing foot traffic to your page. 


There are numerous activities that are involved in SEO. These include using copies that utilize keywords obtained through research, producing relevant content, linkages, curated URLs that can integrate keywords and more. There is a myriad of initiatives that form an effective SEO.


Why SEO is important


SEO targets organic website visitors, meaning those who are surfing or searching for a topic related to your brand. These people are different from those who end up in websites due to paid advertisements. Hence, because SEO tries to attract people who are “naturally” searching, the pool is pretty big. You want to cast a net wide enough to drive these people into your brand website.


Given this, people surf or look for things in the internet mainly through a search engine results page (SERP), the most famous being Google. Through SEO, you basically want your page to be on top of the Google searches since that will obviously make it easier for potential customers to find you. 


SEO, hence, is realising the content (i.e. topics, keywords, links) that are most relevant to your target audience and at the same time, being adept at how SERPs work, which in the majority of cases, basically means, how Google works. 


Indeed, SEO efforts and initiatives need to be a consistent and updated practice, which involves strategic and creative elements. From a very large pie, you want a slice that contributes to your company or brand’s growth. 


Every visitor online counts. Each click matters. Before you spend on paid advertisements, know what you can do first through SEO. 


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