Why is content so important in social media marketing?

Why is content so important in social media marketing?

Social media has tremendously changed the way the world works, and its purpose has, likewise, evolved immensely. What used to be a means of communicating among people has been utilized by all types of organizations to engage their customers/stakeholders/fans/believers. Yes, even religions and advocacy groups are using it as a means of engaging their “faithful” or adherents.


Indeed, social media marketing’s effectiveness is how it creates communities around brands. Organizations that are successful in social media do not use it to simply gather numbers – engagements, reach, impressions, etc. – but to create awareness, connection and on a deeper level, compassion and loyalty towards their products. This is precisely through the content that they curate and post.


Effective content is able to communicate values that followers not only relate to but also believe in.


Defining social/digital marketing content


Before we delve into the importance of social/digital marketing content, it’s best we have a clear definition of what it means. For us in RPAgency, content is the collection and strategic curation of materials that build brand awareness and loyalty.


Content can be in many forms: from simple still images, to “stories”, reels and videos to podcasts and even short films. All of these, however, are planned not simply to be uploaded, liked and shared. They are conceptualized based on data that speak of your targeted audiences’ preferences and aspirations. 


Creating awareness


Before you’re able to consolidate numbers and ride on the revenue potential of digital/social marketing, it’s important you get your brand’s name out there. These days, because everyone’s capitalizing on digital’s cost-effectiveness, it’s more than ever competitive to market your products in the digital realm. The pandemic experience has galvanized more brands to digitalize and change the way they spend their marketing budgets. 


The content, hence, that you upload needs to stimulate both awareness and interest for your brand’s services or offers. It can no longer be a one-time thing. Sustaining customer’s knowledge of your existence demands the continuous and seamless production of content through different mediums: posts, stories, collaborations, etc. A multimedia approach is needed to keep people aware that you exist. 


Establish loyalty and empathy


The next value-add from content is its potential to connect your brand on a deeper level with your customers, and yes, people to happen to see your content. The amazing thing about content is it’s also an enterprise of creativity. You need to truly think out of the box to get your message across, and this does not even have to mention outright your products or services. Through materials that have an almost universal appeal, you are able to cast a net wide enough to get the attention and affection of people who might be simply looking for offers that have a collateral relation to your brand. 


This is where the best brands are able to establish being a cut above the rest: their values. Your brand/corporate values communicate the best intentions of your purpose as a team.


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