Why Email Marketing Still Matters

Why Email Marketing Still Matters

It’s easy to assume these days that everybody consumes their daily fix of content through social media or streaming platforms. With everyone checking their phones constantly, you’d like to think that everyone’s on social.


However, this shouldn’t mislead you to thinking that people have forgotten email. On the contrary, email today is a universal platform that almost all age groups for all target markets have. And yes, you can’t practically open a social media account without an email.


Unfortunately, a lot of businesses seem to have forgotten or entirely ditched email as part of their digital marketing strategy. Others who continue with it though fail to fully utilise email marketing with bland, conventional graphics or putting in too much information. Worse, some don’t even have a call-to-action! That’s why some advertisers think email marketing is finished because their emails are unopened and worse, redirected to the trash folder. 


Allow us to give you some reasons why you still need to invest in and integrate email in your digital marketing plan.


It’s cheap or almost free customer engagement.


A key element in creating brand awareness, and hopefully, loyalty, is customer engagement. Keeping your customers informed about your products, campaigns and even your social responsibility initiatives is always a good way of communicating with them. Similar to keeping any relationship alive (and thriving!), you need to be in touch.


Email is a great way to do this in an almost free or budget-friendly way. From using free email blasting plans to upgrading to paid packages (which don’t cost so much), you can keep your clients informed, engaged and sometimes, entertained without you spending on marketing collaterals. 


Plus, email helps you reach clients wherever, whenever – real time.


It’s a good source of data, keeping you always on your toes.


Any good business needs to know, acknowledge and respond to the voice of the customer. Feedback and behaviour inform your next campaigns and even, leads you to evaluate the utility of your products and services. Email marketing helps you gather all of these and more.


Most email blasting platforms have a data analysis tracker which gives you a great view of the customer landscape. From here, you can customise your next moves, adjust your marketing plans and get invaluable insights to keep you ahead of the game. Never ignore the rates: delivery, open, click, unsubscribe and click through. 


These rates give you a good picture why your customers either open or delete your messages, or at what point they lose interest. Remember, the goal is for them to click the call to action button.


Email consolidates your efforts.


What a post or story can’t tell, you can through email. Remember, people check their emails not only for work but also for promotions. Have a social media contest? Email your customers. Have a season sale? Email your customers. Have a new product? Email your customers.


Your efforts come together in the email communications you will be sending. 


The good thing about email being integrated ​​into your marketing strategy is that you already have a targeted audience through this platform. You are empowered to engage with an available, captured audience. Don’t miss out on this.


RPAgency is a full-suite, integrated digital marketing agency that can take on your email marketing needs, from strategy and collateral designing, to communication planning, execution and data tracking and analysis. Drop us a message to find out more.


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