Videos Are Here to Stay: Videography and Social Media Marketing Strategy

Why You Need Videos in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy


From clips to stories, reels to live feed and streaming, videos have gone a long way in terms of their place and development within social media. Video content is being consumed in unprecedented quantities since the major social media channels have allowed them from being posted or uploaded. Apart from streaming websites like Youtube, advertisements are also being run in social media websites either as paid advertisements or through stories and reels. The changes in the marketing landscape has led to the widespread, almost invasive, presence of videos for everyone to not only watch but also share.


The question is: has your brand kept up?


We from RPAgency will give you a rundown on just how important your social media marketing strategies are fully invested in videography.


Videos do the work.


Firstly, a well-planned and exquisitely created video will do a lot of work on your behalf. What do we mean? Well, simply put, a great video can be used to address gaps or needs in several touchpoints of the customer journey.


Videos can immerse viewers – whether they are current or potential customers – into the phases of their brand journey, from awareness to education, loyalty and retention. Videos are a great means to advertise and promote but also to engage and educate customers. Thus, the amount of resources you invest in print collaterals or packaging can be reduced drastically with video content that can be used to make people aware of your offers and services, how to use their products and also, in relating to them (i.e. stories, reels, etc.)


An excellent and hard-working partner agency can accompany you in this exercise of both strategy and imagination. From allocating the right resources on the right kinds of video materials, to effectively choosing the appropriate channels, these can all be achieved through a collaborative relationship with an agency that both produces materials, and has industry experience in social marketing.


Videos are a gateway to useful data.


The amazing times we live in give marketing agencies and companies the ability to track the success of their efforts. Videos, in this case, are a truly visible and almost tangible way of seeing the results of your initiatives. Through engagements, impressions as well as the number of times it was shared or when peopled clicked on the link (through a call to action), social media content like videos give a rich opportunity for companies to optimize trends, calibrate strategies with urgency and to intimately get to know their customers based on their behaviours and preferences, all thanks to data.


It is precisely because of this power of videos in social media that give companies more insight in how they can collaborate with agencies. Along with their own KRAs and KPIs and the agency’s support, data from social media compel companies or brands to intentionally address the needs of their customers.


Videos are viral.


It’s because digital or social media marketing is cyclic that content and data complement one another. With data, you and your partners can plan or change the content you provide for your customers or followers. At the same time, content provides the data you need to get to know your customers on a level that can be almost as personal as circumstances allow.


In knowing the profile, values and preferences of your customers through data, you can also create video content that will resonate well with them. It is in this equal mix of data and creative processing that you can produce videos that can be viral. This is because the videos you will create can capture both attention and aspiration. This is a potent recipe for success, and you can only achieve this through a proper analysis of the data you can gather.


Given all of these, it’s important, almost essential, to partner with an agency that won’t only pitch ideas for your videos per se but can handhold or even, provide direction on how you can successfully conceptualize and integrate videography into your social media marketing plans. Our one-stop-shop team can be that partner who can not only produce or shoot videos but also help research and dig deep into your customer profiles or target audiences through collected data. Applying our 360-degree view on the digital marketing landscape but also our in-house video production offers, we can give you a seamless videography and social media marketing strategy that can complement your current plans and objectives.


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