The Perks of Blog Writing to your Online Strategy

The Perks of Blog Writing to your Online Strategy

There’s more to social media and online marketing than photos and videos. It’s important to remember that although content these days are usually consumed through social media like Instagram and TikTok or messaging platforms like WhatsApp, blogs offer a unique advantage too in bringing people to your page.


Blogging, in a nugget, is a critical element in any digital marketing strategy because it allows you to put more keywords in a practically free space. However, trying to write a blog that is both SEO-friendly and creative can be a challenge. We’re leaving you with some tips on how you can combine the art of writing and the science of SEO-friendly blogging.


1 – Do your homework: research!


Blog writing isn’t just about random thoughts and words. Yes, it can appear as if it’s a platform to share personal thoughts but for a company or a brand, it’s a great platform to attract and drive readers to your website. But in order to do this, you need to do your homework and research well the key words that relevant to your topic or products. These keywords can be researched using tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool, and are best used for the title, headings, subsections, tags and meta descriptions. 


Keywords need to be strategically placed within your blog so that they are able to achieve their purpose. Careful though with flooding or exaggerating your blog with too many keywords. Why? Readers can be turned off if the copies already sound as if it’s an advertorial or a hard-sell.


In fact, search engines like Google know whether an article is packed to the seams with keywords. If they do, it’s less likely that your blog would appear on top of the results. Subtlety in blogging requires both style and smarts, that’s why it’s very important to research and plan well how you will compose the piece. 


Before writing or starting the blog, think hard and stay focused on the topic you are blogging on. Remember, purpose informs and guides any of your initiatives. 


2 – Short means searchable. 


The abbreviation KISS – “keep it short and simple” – can be applied for blogging, but it can also mean “keep it short and searchable”. It’s important to keep your blogs at 300 words max because you want to maintain your readers’ attention. Remember that a balanced and well-researched blog would be able to coherently communicate your key message and at the same time, allow your piece to gain more traction and readership. A concise piece has a more likely chance of being optimal for search engines and landing on top of the list.


3 – Don’t be an island: link up.


One definite way of making your blog writing more relevant is linking it to similar content, especially if you have written these yourself. The linked blogs give your page or pieces a semblance of authority and subject mastery. Linked blogs will literally create a web of connection that readers


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