Photography in Online Marketing: Definitely a Must

Photography in Online Marketing: Definitely a Must

Photography in Online Marketing: Definitely a Must


The age old adage “a picture paints a thousand words” wonderfully applies to the entire expanse of photography history. From the development of visual art, to the inception of photography to the age of smartphones, pictures communicate through graphic means what words can fail to describe. It is on this same power of photography that digital marketing relies heavily on since marketing’s basically about promoting and selling products and services.


Photography can be considered as an essential element of your online or social marketing strategy because it is the gateway by which followers, customers and potential clients enter into your brand.


In this blog, we’ll try to unpack the art of photography and relate it to you the effectiveness of any digital marketing initiative.


Photography builds awareness.


Although it’s a sad truth, the fact of the matter is, a lot of people no longer read. Replacing the written word is visual imagery, and this applies too to how today’s consumers find out about products. With smartphones and digital cameras being the go-to gadgets, so much talent in the field of photography has been utilized for brand marketing. Software developments have also replaced the once tricky art of developing and editing film.


Matching technology with talent, today’s photography materials stimulate a wide range of sensual reactions that brands have capitalized on to build awareness. From closeup shots of food – “food porn” – to panoramic views of destinations for tourism campaigns, pictures create awareness and interest in a powerful way.


Likewise, social media has amplified photography and its ability to create not only awareness but also virality. Your brand simply cannot miss out on this truth. Your marketing and sales teams’ efforts can only reach their goals through excellent photography, without a doubt.


Photography helps customers better understand and appreciate your brand.


Long copies, winding advertorials or complex blogs won’t help build interest and loyalty among your customers. On the other hand, photos can work wonders for your brand, products and/or services.


a.) Great photos can catch the attention of random visitors on your website or social media, giving them a reason to get to know you more.

b.)   Current customers find affirmation in their loyalty when your photos are able to confirm their decision to patronize you.

c.) Photography boosts your credibility and supports your desired brand image.


As it was already said, photos also tell stories in a much more interesting and engaging way. They take viewers into the moment, and this is something you need to leverage on to continuously educate your customers on your values, products and aspirations. When you are successful in using photos to connect with your customers, without a doubt, you are also nurturing brand loyalty.


Photography can speak to the heart and resonate with personal values.


Successful marketing campaigns, and on a bigger scale, great brands are those that are able to captivate hearts. Cheesy as it sounds but the truth is, humans react based on both what they think and feel. Photography is a stimulant to either mental or emotional reactions, and you definitely want to be able to optimize on that dynamic. Your photographs need to be able to relate to the values and aspirations of your target audience because even if you think you were able to upload an amazing photo, it won’t garner the links or shares you might have desired if it does not really relate to the core motivations of your audience.


It’s through a keen knowledge of customer needs and profiles (brought about by data and research), mastery of the appropriate channels (i.e. website, social media, print, etc.) and a mix of marketing wiz and artful taste that you can be able to effectively utilize photography.


With RPAgency’s years of experience in photography and digital marketing strategy, we can help you plan, execute and upload the right photos for the right products through the right channels. We want to be your partner and collaborate with you to make your photography goals happen.


Our founder, Brett, has been behind the lens for years, and it’s through his expert skill and knowledge that the team is able to suggest and provide direction on how we can execute a marketing plan consisting of great photos our team can take for you.


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