Online Course Portal - Why You Need One

Online Course Portal – Why You Need One

Learning has always been a lifelong adventure. It was never reserved simply within the confines of a classroom but it is a continuous process that enriches our lives with knowledge and insight. However, today, with the pivotal role of digital media, more avenues and streams of knowledge-exchange are opening, and you shouldn’t really miss out on these opportunities.

These online courses, obviously, take a lot of work because they are not only creative undertakings but must truly be considered as quality, impeachable content that were crafted by subject matter experts. Logically, these online courses are proving to be a way to earn extra revenue for personalities or organizations both because of their accessibility and high quality. What people might have missed out in college or university, or a skill they have longed for – they’re now willing to pay for to learn those through the internet.

Undoubtedly, online learning has become a lucrative business. However, with an increased supply of online courses, people have also become more discerning and circumspect in which courses they will enroll in or which websites they would bother visiting.

This is when the importance of your online course portal comes into play.

We believe there are three top things your online course portal should display:

1. The credibility and quality of your courses.

2. The ease of navigating through your website.

3. The functionality of your website.

Firstly, your online course portal must immediately give visitors a good sense of credibility and integrity to you and your lessons. It must establish rapport and trust because the landing page creates a sense of security for those who will be enrolling and paying. 

Secondly, your online course portal must impress your visitors by the ease they can navigate through the portal. Your courses, payment channels, metrics for evaluation, and even scheduled sessions – all these are just some of the critical information visitors might be looking for when they see your website. Thus, these should be visible, informative and accurate. 

Finally, your portal needs to be functional. Make sure your links and plugins work, your design and layout correspond to your target audience user experience preferences, and that it can host videos, audio recordings, photos and even software that allow students to engage with you or your materials. The online course portal needs to create both an awareness and a sense of excitement for those who find your website in order for them to actually click “enrol”.

Apart from these, you also want to make sure that your online course portal is search engine optimized so that your efforts are not wasted by ending up at the bottom of the pile.

We from RPAgency, from conceptualization to execution, from data gathering to designing, will be here for you every step of the way. With our broad experience with web designing, creatives, digital marketing, we can support you in building a course web portal, along with the necessary backend technicalities sorted out.

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