Facebook Ads and What You Need to Know

Facebook Ads and What You Need to Know

In case you’ve been living out of the loop, there’s this social media networking website called Facebook. However, what Facebook has done to change the world extends far beyond its primary purpose, which was to connect people. Nowadays, Facebook has also revolutionized the world of business and especially the field of marketing. Digital campaigns and advertisements have found an important and critical place in Facebook through Facebook Ads.


What is Facebook Ads?


This is a platform within the Facebook metaverse that was created by the company to allow businesses (or anyone for that matter) to run advertisements, promotions and campaigns for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. From micro and medium-sized businesses to multi-national brands, Facebook ads design and function have made organizations reach real people on an overwhelming scale.


The key element that makes Facebook Ads truly worthwhile is it allows marketers to reach real people. Micro segmenting gives brands the freedom to adjust their advertisements’ targets to specific profiles (i.e. age groups, gender, geo-location, interests, etc.) within workable budgets. There is no standardized fee to run Facebook Ads and it instantly gives a scale that estimates the reach of your budget as well.


The Power of Facebook Ads


Apart from its flexibility, Facebook Ads’ power is in its empowering nature for businesses. It is basically a self-serve platform that gives marketing and advertising professionals the chance to run ads with just a credit card and to organize different communication media into specific campaigns. 


Another empowering characteristic of Facebook ads is the wide variety of advertisement categories that you can select. These include image, URL/links, videos, banner, carousel advertisements and more. 


With these numerous kinds of advertising, on a customizable budget and with the ability to place them in Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Audience Network, Facebook Ads have definitely empowered companies to pursue their online strategies to a tee. 


How RPAgency can help


All of these potential capabilities of Facebook Ads, however, can only be optimized if you have a dedicated person or team which will oversee the planning, implementation and analysis of these initiatives. RPAgency can be that partner through which you can achieve a seamless, efficient and comprehensive management of a powerful platform. Indeed, in spite of its empowering nature, Facebook Ads can be poorly leveraged if the assigned person/s will not dedicate enough time to studying its functions and or is not really familiar with the tool. 


Outsourcing your Facebook Ads strategy to RPAgency can be the best way to maximize the platform. Rest assured, we’re committed to delivering the numbers you desire with minimal effort from your side. Know more about digital and social marketing products and services by visiting rpagency.co.


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