E-Commerce 101

E-Commerce 101

The times we live in have given rise to new ways of doing things. No doubt, our behaviours and views on certain activities have changed dramatically, and we are seeing too how businesses have pivoted to address customer demands. One of the exponential changes have been in the area of retail and how e-commerce has become a driving factor in how businesses operate. Here we’ll give you a list of ways on how your e-commerce website can be a better channel for continuous or even, improved sales.


1 – Design Based on Data


Your e-commerce website must be designed based on factual feedback and data that measure your customers’ preferences and attitudes. You cannot start a website from an insulated point-of-view. The design and strategy must be anchored on your customers’ aspirations and choices. 


2 – User/Customer Experience Matters


What do you do with the data? Well, use them!

The data will inform you on how your customers’ perceive your brand or products. These should also give you an idea on their profiles: are they Gen-Z? Are they boomers? Would they be mostly female, male or members of the LGBTQ+ community? 


The data, hence, must lead you to decide on how to design the flow and aesthetic of your website. You need an e-commerce platform that resonates with the profile of your primary market.


3 – Enriched with Content


Finally, your website must be well-curated with the right amount of content and functionality. It is not only a place to sell; it’s also a space to engage, gain trust and prove loyalty. Produce content that is original and relevant, timely and relatable and complement with tools that measure engagement and efficiency. Make sure too that your website is enriched with keywords and materials like photos, videos, blogs and articles that connect your site to search engines. Remember, your site should come up when people not only search for your brand but also for themes related to your product.


Oh, and before we forget: test, test, test!


Be the first line of defence for your e-commerce website by constantly using it and checking it for performance.


Basically, e-commerce is an exciting exercise of imagination. You need to cast the net wide enough to attract the right market but specific enough to push for actual conversions.


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