Animation and its Power in Digital Marketing

Animation and its Power in Digital Marketing

We often have a simplistic view of animation as cartoons. However you see it though, animation is a powerful element in today’s marketing playing field. Moving from animation used for entertainment purposes, it has transformed into an indispensable factor in online campaigns and promotions. This is because animation is a tool for building brand relationship, enhancing communication and perhaps, most importantly, a versatile medium.


Animation and brand relationship


Colours, graphics and crisp copies describe animated videos. These appeal and affect the cognitive as well as emotional triggers in viewers. Because of this, animation can be utilized to create relationships between followers or consumers and brands. 


As it appears to be “cartoons”, animation give the initial impression that they are not produced solely for hard sell purposes. On the contrary, they are viewed for entertainment and leisure, given the “light” feel or messages they deliver. 


It’s in this context that you can use animation to softly push your values and purpose as a company. You want your followers or clients to receive varied content, and materials that align your values with theirs. This is where effective brand building takes place: the point of convergence. Animation, hence, is an ideal way to build awareness, patronage and loyalty. 


Enhanced communication through animation


There are some messages that can’t be fully executed in a real life video. From the benefits of your services, to specific instructions on how to use your product to virtually engaging your followers, animation is the medium that will deliver the results you intend to achieve. 


Indeed, if your budget restrains you from hiring actors, renting shoot locations and contracting a full-on production team, animation is the way to go. You cannot afford not to utilize social media for marketing because practically everyone gets their product information through social. With animation, not only can you introduce your services and offers but you can also optimize your content for paid advertisements, develop series which include instructional graphics and engagement or loyalty and use the same animation across channels – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, your brand page, etc. 


Versatility in graphics 


Finally, what animation offers to your marketing strategy is the element of wonder. The versatility in graphics found in animation allows you to project basically the magic of your service/brand: its benefits, the emotional value they bring, the uplifting and meaningful side of your endeavours. Animation allows you to produce content too for a wide array of objectives, as already mentioned above.


More importantly, movements and motions are enhanced or elaborated through animation. This fact about animation serves the purpose of versatility and adaptability to the messages you are trying to communicate, depending on the platform through which you want to deliver them.


All in all, animation is a key solution to what might seem to be a conventional or bland approach to social or online marketing. Digital has transformed the industry immensely and you will need all the tricks necessary to come up on top through effective and engaging content. We from RPAgency think it is through animation that you can achieve these goals.


Our full-suite digital agency can help you create, curate and produce animated content with the help of our in-house graphics team and partner animators. Drop us a DM or send us an email to find out more how we can animate your campaign.


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